Loans in 10 minutes True or false?

You have probably heard in recent times about fast loans which we see so much in various media where they assure us to get a loan in just 10 minutes

Is it true?

Currently we have some financial companies that are dedicated to grant loans of this type to pay some contingencies or bills that are difficult to deal with at the end of the month. In this way, today we will analyze how is the process to get these loans in such a short time.

The first step is to make a request

The first step is to make a request

The first step is to make a request through the website of these types of entities where, as a general rule, we will find a simple form in which to enter the general data of the applicant. Then many of them check in ASNEF (national file of delinquents) if there is any outstanding debt to pay to discard this type of requests directly.

If the client does not appear in these files the next step would be to confirm the ownership of the account and the availability of income by sending some documents such as the DNI, the bank account, the payroll or the pension.

Once everything is correct and the grant of the loan is approved

Once everything is correct and the grant of the loan is approved

a bank transfer is made to the account indicated immediately. However, they should take into account that this will only be effective if the applicant has the account in the same bank as the financial institution chosen, for example, from Box to Box. If, on the contrary, the applicant’s bank account is different from that of the financial one, it becomes effective in a period of between 24 and 48 hours. Therefore, it is important to consider this aspect if a quick loan is needed to make a payment on the same day.

In Good finance, to avoid such problems, our team of financial advisors has made this table with the most important granting companies and their banks and the fast loan really is.

In this way, we have become a national reference in the advice of financial products such as fast loans, credit cards or bank accounts because our technology allows us to update the conditions of each of them on a daily basis to always provide updated data and that Each user can always choose the best conditions that adapt to their economic needs.

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